Forming Somalia: The Somali Youth League

15th of May, 1943 was a warm spring afternoon in the middle of Mogadishu. Thirteen young enthusiastic Somali men came together with one vision: the independence and unification of all five occupied Somali territories under a white star emerged in an ocean blue depicting the long Somali coast- the longest coast in Africa. This would... Continue Reading →

Orchestrating a Civil War: a Series of Events

The past week has seen turmoil in Mogadishu. We've seen fighting in areas of the capital between militia groups and the security forces of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) which has cost lives and damaged public property. We have seen main roads blockaded with makeshift piles of sand and debris. Images and videos of... Continue Reading →

Espionage, Fake News and Unrest in Muqdisho

Last week has shed light on the shady underbelly of Somali politics which has loomed in the background for decades in Muqdisho. The dark forces which refuse to remove their grip of Somalia and attempt maintain shackles around her ankles have been dragged out into the spotlight. From the Banaadir Regional Court's list of six... Continue Reading →

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